The first tokenized film in history.

Bull Run has made history by fully financing itself in less than 24 hours through the sale of $BULL tokens. It is a documentary with a lot of comedy about the cryptocurrency craze, directed by Ana Ramón Rubio and produced by Cosabona Films.

Cryptocurrencies and Cinema, but what is this?

Ana is a filmmaker who develops an interest in cryptocurrency trading during the pandemic. Her husband (who is about to become her ex-husband) convinces her to go to a therapist (under false pretenses). Ana decides, as a form of self-therapy (so she can continue trading in peace), to create a documentary about the Bitcoin fever and the crypto world. Ana's story will serve as a Trojan horse to delve into the crypto ecosystem through expert testimonials. We will discover why blockchain is the most significant technological revolution since the internet. This documentary-comedy will infiltrate the minds of scammers, deniers, geeks, engineers, anarchists, millionaires, utopian capitalists, and millennials who dominate the market, where the real stakes are the future.

Cryptocurrencies and Cinema, but what is this?

What does the $BULL token represent?

What does the $BULL token represent?

The $BULL token is a security token. It represents the debt issued for the film and grants certain rights to the film's profits. 50% of the net proceeds from the film are distributed in the form of USDT payments every 3 months. The other 50% is included in a DeFi operation involving stablecoins and represents the redeemable value of the $BULL token at any time until the token self-liquidates in 2025, distributing the profits from 4 years among tokenholders equally. In addition, the token offers various utilities that benefit holders, both in terms of attending film shoots and premieres and in terms of appearing in the film's credits.

Benefits of the $BULL token



Get exclusive movie content like early access, giveaways, the opportunity to attend film shoots, and more.



Receive the film's benefits, distributed equally among the holders every 3 months.

Make history

Make history

The names of the holders will be forever etched in the credits: become a part of history.

Advantages of film tokenization

One of the major challenges facing the film industry lately is financing, with the estimated average time to raise funds for a movie typically ranging from 2 to 3 years. Micro-investments in the form of token purchases make it possible to significantly reduce these timeframes. In Bull Run, we've managed to do it in just 20 hours! And it's all thanks to tokenization and our community of tokenholders. Furthermore, traditional film investment is usually reserved for large investors. Tokenization opens up the opportunity for anyone to access a market that was previously out of reach. Another significant advantage over traditional investment is that you can exit the project at any time by liquidating the tokens, providing liquidity for the outgoing tokenholder, while the remaining tokenholders increase their exposure by reducing the number of tokens to distribute among them.

Advantages of film tokenization

Lights, camera... tokenization!

Lights, camera... tokenization!

The $BULL token is a security token that was sold in a private sale, without any associated promotion, action, or advertising. At Bull Run, we believe that the first step toward this digitization should be firm but secure, requiring no extensive technical knowledge to participate. As a result, the tokenomics are based on:


A comprehensive team with extensive experience in both the film industry and crypto.

  • Ana Ramón Rubio

    Ana Ramón Rubio


  • Juanjo Moscardó

    Juanjo Moscardó


  • Camila Jiménez

    Camila Jiménez


  • Silvana Aguirre

    Silvana Aguirre


  • Miguel Caballero

    Miguel Caballero

    Tokenomics and Associate Producer

  • Javi 'Sokar' Ortiz

    Javi 'Sokar' Ortiz

    CTO and Associate Producer

  • Javi Celorrio

    Javi Celorrio

    Tokenomics and Associate Producer

  • Carlos Celorrio

    Carlos Celorrio

    Tokenomics and Associate Producer

  • Victor Merino

    Victor Merino

    Solidity & Web3 Developer

  • Guillermo Pérez

    Guillermo Pérez

    Solidity Developer

  • Cristina Vivó

    Cristina Vivó

    Production Director

  • Celia Riera

    Celia Riera

    Director of Photography

  • Carlos Lidón

    Carlos Lidón

    Sound Engineer

  • Paula Salañer

    Paula Salañer

    Assistant Director

  • David Martínez

    David Martínez

    Production Assistant

  • Carlos López

    Carlos López

    Camera Assistant

  • Lluis Moreno

    Lluis Moreno

    Camera Assistant

  • Vanesa Ribera

    Vanesa Ribera

    Makeup and Hair

  • Pilar Maestre

    Pilar Maestre

    Documentation and Archives

  • César García

    César García


  • Alvar López

    Alvar López

    Script Consultant

  • Granissat Estudi Creatiu

    Granissat Estudi Creatiu

    Graphic Design

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